The JetDryer is a chassis with a put aircraft turbine.
It is used for drying bitumen surfaces and diverse other fields of application (running and test tracks, runways on airports, etc.).
But these are only some possibilities, which this special vehicle offers, conceivable is e.g. also thawing out frozen-over roads.


The JetDryer shown here was manufactured 2001 on behalf of the EuroSpeedWay Lausitzring. It worked already successfully with the German ChampCar premiere, the German500, in September 2001.  We would like to point out that you see here only one example of a structure of such turbines.  By our non-standard one-off production it is possible to manufacture these cars flexibele and in various regard for your desires.
Only the chassis used in each case gives the frameworks to us.
We implement naturally also different changes and special preparations.